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Volkswagen is a four-wheeler manufacturing company in Germany, Volkswagen is also called VW. In 1930 this company was started with the motive, the common people can afford this car. The comes with two types of fluid engines which are petrol or diesel, they have special batteries for the vehicle and most car lovers prefer the Amaron or Exide battery for their car (you can buy an online battery from Batterymela).

The top 05 Volkswagen four-wheeler models which are come in India, are VW 

Tiguan (2021), VW Passat (2021), VW Vento (2021), VW Taigun, VW Arteon.

Volkswagen Tiguan: This four-wheeler will probably be launched in mid-January 2022, with body type SUV. The fuel type. VW Tiguan battery life is 3-5 years, depending on the battery, the Amaron or Exide batteries are used in this four-wheeler. The city mileage is 11.14 Kmpl. 

Volkswagen Passat: This four-wheeler probably launched in April 2023, with a body-type Sedan. This vehicle has come with a petrol or diesel engine, the 17.42 mileage with diesel, this VW car is carrying the Amaron or Exide.

Volkswagen Vento: This vehicle may be launched in March 2022, with a body-type Sedan. The VW carries Amaron or Exide battery. The mileage of this car with petrol is 16-35 km/l.

The Ameron and Exide batteries give more benefits to your car and most of the 

Consumers buy these batteries for their cars.

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