At the time of warm weather there is a possibility of lack of electricity, so to enjoy continuous power supply for our home appliances or in office usage, best quality Inverters are imperative.

Presently surviving without power seems to be impossible. These days all appliances runs on high power electricity. So having continuous electricity supply without any inconvenience is very necessary , to have a high quality Inverter which has amazing features is essential.

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An inverter is a rectangular shaped power electronic device which converts Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) in some of the common appliances known as an Inverter. It is primarily used for electronic appliances which has more voltage.


 Types of Inverter

  • Sine Wave Inverter

Sine Wave is a steady, continuous wave that provides smooth periodic oscillation.

If you are fond of extensive road traveling, but you are also dependent on electrical appliances then sine wave inverters would be the best option. Particularly sine wave inverters transforms DC (Direct Current) from a battery into an AC (Alternating Current). The Alternating Current power can be friendly to use appliances, Lights, Lamps, compressors and many other devices that can easily run on battery power. All electronic appliances can run efficiently on Sine Wave Inverters such as wall outlet powers.

The devices which include sine wave Inverter are:-

The appliances which include AC Motor such as refrigerators, compressors, etc.

Other devices that also needs sine wave inverter are bread makers.

Audio and Video systems.

  • Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Modified sine wave inverter proves to be best option for cost effective choice to run appliances. This produces modified sine wave that are easily produced. Simple systems works through modified sine wave. Old tube lights, TV’s with motors with brushes are usually ok with modified sine wave.

Appliances which will not run on Modified Sine Wave Inverter are digital clocks with radios, Laser Printers, Some fluorescent lights, medical equipments, etc.

Applications of Inverter

  • DC Power Source Usage

An Inverter Converts DC electricity from sources such as batteries or fuel cells to AC electricity. The DC can be at any required voltage, it can operate AC equipment design for main operations.

  • Continuous Power Supply

An unbroken power supply uses batteries and inverter to supply AC power incase when main electricity supply is not available.

Brands of Inverter with their Price Range

Brands Price
Rs. 2,950/- to Rs. 35,206/-
Rs. 4,099/- to Rs. 7,999/-
Rs. 3,680/- to Rs. 8,201/-
Rs. 4,211/- to Rs. 9,160/-
Rs. 3,500/- to Rs. 36,400/-
Rs. 4,601/- to Rs. 36,200/-
Rs. 5,826/- to Rs. 8,084/-

Flowing table describes best Microtek Inverters in terms of their capacity:-

Model Name Capacity (VA/V) Price Warranty
1625 / 24
Rs. 8,788/-
2 years
1115 / 12
Rs. 6,185/-
2 years
1625 / 24
Rs. 7,666/-
2 years
2000 / 72
Rs. 27,234/-
2 years
650 / 24
Rs. 2,950/-
2 years

Flowing table describes best Exide Inverters in terms of their capacity:-

Model Name Capacity (VA/V) Price Warranty
650 / 12
Rs. 4,249/-
2 years
850 / 12
Rs. 5,049/-
2 years
1450 / 24
Rs. 7,699/-
2 years
650 / 12
Rs. 4,249/-
2 years
850 / 12
Rs. 5,549/-
2 years

Flowing table describes best Amaron Inverters in terms of their capacity:-

Model Name Capacity (VA/V) Price Warranty
400 / 24
Rs. 3,680/-
2 years
825 / 24
Rs. 5,293/-
2 years
880 / 12
Rs. 5,740/-
2 years
1400 / 24
Rs. 8,201/-
2 years
880 / 12
Rs. 5,740/-
2 years

Flowing table describes best Luminous Inverters in terms of their capacity:-

Model Name Capacity (VA/V) Price Warranty
900 / 12
Rs. 3,680/-
2 years
1700 / 24
Rs. 9,271/-
2 years
600 / 12
Rs. 4,400/-
2 years
1400 / 24
Rs. 9,945/-
2 years
850 / 12
Rs. 4,720/-
2 years


  • Without an inverter data can be completely lost or damage when data seems to be very crucial. 
  • Avoids damage to hardware caused by high voltage or high current. Some Inverter models can adjust to control the input power. 

It ensures the availability of network and other applications while avoiding downtime, when used in conjunction with generators, make sure they have enough time to start in the event of a power failure.



  1. Install the Inverter in a cool and dry space.
  2. You can store replacement batteries at a proper place.
  3. Adjust the batteries once or twice a year.
  4. Carry out regular maintenance.
  5. Use energy saving devices.

Before purchasing an inverter some points are necessary they are:-

  • Capacity of the Inverter:- 

You should have always look on the capacity rating which is in terms of VA ratings.  It means that the power provided by the Inverter to the different devices and appliances. Regular efficiency of the Inverter Is the In between 60% To 80%.
The formula is given below.

Inverter VA rating (power supplied)=the power the electric items consume (power requirement)/efficiency of an inverter (power factor)

  • Power Requirement

When you have planned to purchase a brand new inverter for your office or home usage, then you need to calculate total load in terms of watts, so that you can decide which type of inverter would be beneficial.

  • Input or Output Voltage

You should select appropriate inverter whose capacity would be much more than power requirement figure, so that inverter would not get more load so that it can used efficiently.


  • Problem in starting the inverter

If you realize that the inverter is tripped, then you press the reset button. If the switch of the inverter gets defective, then ask the service expert to make improvement by replacing it. 

  • Unable to charge Inverter Battery

If the battery is damaged or it is very old to be used, then battery faces issues for charging the battery.

  • Less power support

In case we need battery for longer duration, then are the chances of battery gets discharged.

According to New Indian Express report of August 2022 it is considered that Luminous Zelio 1700 is overall best Inverter for home usage as it is sine wave type of inverter. Luminous Zelio 1700 has capacity rate of about 1500 VA and can run on double batteries. This inverter comes at an affordable price of about Rs. 9,271/-.  This proves to be best Inverter for home use where there are frequent power cuts. 

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  • Which is the best Inverter for business usage?

    The Luminous Cruze 2 KVA proves to be best Inverter for business usage. It is fantastically designed to handle heavy loads.

  • Which is the category through which Inverters can be classified?

    Inverters can be classified in three broad categories such as Stand alone Inverters means supplies stable voltage and frequency to load, Grid Connnected Inverters which is most commonly used alternative and Bimodal Inverter which are more expensive.

  • At which rate does an inverter charge a battery?

    The average storage capacity of Inverter Battery ranges from 1.2 KWh to 3 KWh it is applicable for 12 V single battery inverters. Normally the inverter charges the battery at the rate of 14.4 volts at 10 amperes.

  • What is the Cost of Sine Wave Inverter and Modified Sine Wave Inverter?

    Modified Sine Wave Inverters have much less price then Pure Sine Wave Inverters as modified sine wave are used only on simple and old systems as Pure Sine Wave Inverter is used for all modern appliances.

Some Products of Inverter