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Bentley is one of the British manufacturing companies, is produced Luxury and SUVs cars. In 1919 company was founded for Bentley motors in Cricklewood, the headquarter in Crewe, England. The top 03 modes are introduced by the Bentley are Flying Spur, Bentayga, Continental. The Bentley car is equipped with Amaron or Exide batteries.

There are the best 03 models of the Bentley which are demanding in India, they include 1 Convertible, 1 Sedan and 1 SUV. price and engine quality very through the manufacturing quality.

Bentley Flying Spur: the company invents this automobile with equal balance, breathtaking performance, and contemporary design with intuitive technology. This car holds a petrol engine with 10.2 kmpl ARAL mileage. The engine of this car has a 5950 cc displacement, body type is Sedan. To start the engine this car carries Ameron and Exide batteries.   

Bentley Bentayga: This car is a mid-size crossover SUV which is made by Bentley, in 2016 beginning with the model. This car is designed to inspire exploration in its purest form. This carries a petrol engine with 4.61 WLTP mileage. The engine displacement of is with a petrol engine is 3956 cc, the body type is SUV.

Bentley Continental: this car is produced by Bentley Motors, including a high-performance engine with very special weight bodies, It was built under the close supervision of Rolls-Royce. In the market, the. It comes with a petrol engine and the mileage of the vehicle is 9.8 km. The engine of the vehicle was 5998 cc displacement, body type is convertible. For helping to start the engine Ameron or Exide, etc batteries are inserted in the car.