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The full form of the BMW is Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. The BMW company is a German multinational corporation that manufactures luxury vehicles and motorcycles. This manufacturing company was founded on 7 March 1916. The brands of the automobile I, M. This car required Amaron and Exide Batteries.

The best vehicles which are launched by this company are X3, X4, i4, 4 Series, X2 this is the topmost brand of this company. Some of them come with a petrol engine and some are diesel engines.

Petrol BMW cars: The BMW car comes with both types of engines are petrol and diesel. X4, Z7, M2, M5, etc these cars are run on petrol. These cars hold the Amaron and Exide Batteries. This engine has a hybrid engine, the engine has tended to be weightless.

Diesel BMW cars: The BMW comes with both types of engines those are petrol and diesel. The Diesel cars X1, X5, X7, 3, X3, 2, etc these cars are run on petrol as well as diesel. The diesel and petrol cars carry Amaron and Exide Batteries. Compared to the petrol engine the weight of the diesel engine is more. 

Batterymela provides the best and preferable battery for the BMW cars, then the best battery of the cars are Amaron and Exide. We give the selling service of the batteries for the car in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune area.