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In 1948 the company changed its name to Mahindra and Mahindra, The company produces two types of cars one is petrol, the second is diesel, as per the selling of the cars in June 2021, Mahendra company is the fourth best selling car in the country. The best model of Mahendra’s in 2021, Bolero, XUV300, Scorpio. The Mahindra’s car carries a specific battery, those are Ameron or Exide.

Bolero car battery: Bolero engine comes only with diesel,  for that most consumers picked Amaron or Exide battery for the Bolero car. The Bolero holds the 1493cc engine.

Scorpio four-wheeler battery: This vehicle is available with a 2.2L 4-cylinder with 88 to 102 kW horsepower, this is available only with a diesel fluid. The Amaron or Exide batteries are kept in this vehicle.     

XUV300 four-wheeler battery: This four-wheeler motor comes with two options, petrol or diesel. The XUV four-wheeler holds Amaron or Exide batteries. This four-wheeler contains a 1.2 L 3-cylinder, 1.5 L 4-cylinder diesel machine with a total number of cylinders 3, 4. Comparison of, petrol and diesel; XUV300 produced with two machine options which are petrol or diesel.

XUV300 (Petrol): This consists of a 1.2L Turbo-Petrol. The power of this vehicle with petrol is 110 HP @ 5,000 rpm.

XUV300 (Diesel): The motor comes with 1.5L Turbo-Diesel. The power of this type of motor car is 116 HP @ 3,750 rpm.

On 2 October 1945 Mahindra & Mahindra had a steel trading company in Ludhiana, At that time the name of the company was Mahindra & Muhammed. In 1948 the name changed to Mahindra & Mahindra

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