Inverter Battery

What is an Inverter Battery?

Inverter battery is the most important component of an Inverter. It is an electronic device used for converting direct current into alternating current and provides a small amount of current for a longer duration of time. Performance of Inverter largely depends upon the battery. Therefore it is important to choose the right kind of battery. It is the perfect power backup solution. Constant power cuts are common these days. We need some backup to store electricity so that we can use it whenever required. Inverters are used as an emergency backup when there is a power outage. It also provides security from power fluctuations. Inverters need batteries to store electricity. Therefore efficient working of an inverter depends on the quality of battery. Batteries are often sold separately from the inverters and have to be installed separately. The most important function of Inverter battery is to accommodate the supply of electric charge. There are some reliable brands i.e. Amaron, Exide Luminous, Livfast , SF Sonic and V-Guard.

Need for Inverter Battery

In this Modern Era it is impossible to survive without power supply. Almost all appliances such as Fan, TV ,Computer require power supply. Suppose if, there is a power failure. We need some kind of backup. So Inverters provides emergency backup solution. However, inverters cannot function without  Batteries. Inverter batteries convert direct current into Alternating current. A high performance battery is required for efficient working of inverters.

Inverter Battery capacity

Capacity is the total unit of power or electrical energy provided by the Battery. Backup hours are largely dependent upon the. Battery capacity. It is measured in Ah i.e. Ampere Hours. Normal Battery has capacity of 100 to 180 Ah.

How to calculate Battery configuration

For Ex. If you are using 5 Fans Each fan consume 70 watts of power(5*70=350 watts) .For 6 tubes, 216 watts, For TV 150 watts. So your total power consumption is 716 watts. So In that case you require a 1050 VA Inverter with 150 Ah battery Capacity.

Installation support

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Identify Your requirement

Before buying an inverter battery you need to consider your total power requirement, how much backup it provides. You need to identify your power requirement. For example, Fan consumes 75 watts, Desktop consumes 60-200 watts on the other hand Laptop consumes 20-50 Watts. Refrigerator uses 100-250 Watts of electricity.

What are the benefits of using Inverter Battery?

  • Help in faster charging and produce large amount of current
  • Provide uninterrupted supply of power for long hours
  • Easily rechargeable
  • Affordable power solution
  • Require low maintenance

How can I maintain Inverter Battery?

Ideally all Inverters have battery protection technologies which protects the batteries from overcharging, overheating, and damage. They also have displays and alarms that show the state of the battery. Following are the simple tips to maintain your battery

  • Always keep your Battery completely charged.
  • Do not keep it very close to flammable objects
  • Always keep the  Surface dust free
  • Battery Terminals need to be cleaned regularly
  • Check  the acid level
  • Check the water level regularly.
Inverter battery

What are the common causes of Inverter battery failure?

  • Overheating

Overheating is the most common cause of Battery failure. Too much heat oxidize the plate material

  • Overcharging

Overcharging can cause high internal heat. Overcharging causes corrosion It can also affect durability of the battery. Turn it off when it is fully charged.

  • Water overflow

Adding too much water can also damage your battery which subsequently affects its performance.

  • Undercharging

If an Inverter battery is completely discharged the electrolyte breaks down and the battery will stop functioning. If you are looking to buy an Inverter Battery online you can place your order through our website. Batterymela is one the trusted online store which provides high quality Inverter batteries at affordable price. We deliver all widely used brands, Exide, Amaron, Luminous, Livfast, SF Sonic etc. If you are looking to buy an Inverter Battery store near Pune you can visit our store.

What are the elements of Inverter Battery

  • Terminals- The terminals are made up of pure lead at the negative side and the PbO2 on the positive side. Both  assemble as plates.
  •  Separators- Separators between the positive and negative plates helps to avoid short-circuit through physical contact. Most separators are made of rubber and provide valuable electrochemical.
  • Electrolyte-Inverter batteries are mostly wet-cell batteries. Electrolyte in most wet cell batteries is a sulphuric acid diluted with distilled water
  • Cooling Fans- Cooling fans are installed as part of the general inverter system.
  • Displays, LED light and alarm- Incorporated into the general inverter system to inform the user state of the Battery

Types Of Inverter Batteries

  1. Tubular Batteries
  2. Lead Acid Batteries

Tubular batteries are the most productive, reliable and popular inverter batteries with low maintenance cost. There are 2 types of Tubular batteries: Short  and tall tubular. If you are looking for Inverter batteries with low cost you can buy Lead acid batteries. They are quite durable and last upto 3 to 4 years. Lead acid batteries are easily rechargeable and produce a large amount of current. Some of the most Popular and widely used brands of Inverter Batteries


Exide is a leading and top selling brand in Inverter Battery. Exide is a well known brand in the industry for more than 70 years and biggest manufacturer and distributor of inverter Batteries in India. Exide  provide 100% genuine products with high quality at affordable prices which makes it No.1 Brand in India. Exide also provide higher backup and has capability to recover from deep discharge. In the year 2019-20 Exide Reported total sales of 9857 Cr. Whereas in 2020-21 Total sales of 10,041 Cr. In the year 2022 Exide reports 57% sales growth. The 55b24rmf  is one of the best models in Exide. 55b24rmf exide battery price is Rs. 5,366/-


Amaron is one of the well-established and largest brands in batteries. Amaron provides high performance and long lasting batteries with comparatively lowest price. Amaron Batteries has highest reserve capacity. In the year 2020 Amaron reported total sales of 6839.46.In 2021 Amaron showed significant growth The total sale reported was 7149.68 Cr. In 2022 it was 8695.82 Cr.


Luminous is well known for making Inverter Battery. Luminous has both Flat Plate and Tubular Inverter batteries. Luminous batteries provide backup for long hours and specially designed for constant power outage. Luminous also provides uninterrupted power supply. In 2019-20 Luminous reported total sales of 3231.19 Cr. luminous  xl 18060 is one of the best models. Luminous battery xl 18060 price is Rs. 12,700/-. 


Livfast also known for providing high capacity inverter batteries Livfast provides low maintenance batteries and perfect for home and office inverters. Livfast 1936 is one of the best model. Livfast 1936 battery price is Rs. 15,230/-.

SF Sonic

SF Sonic provides premium high performance batteries. SF Sonic is a leading manufacturer of lead-acid Storage batteries.TT60s150 sf battery is one of the best models in SF Sonic. TT60s150 sf battery price is Rs. 13,299

Brands with ranges of Price, Capacity and Warranty

Brand Price Capacity Warranty
Rs. 6,500 - Rs. 23,800/-
48 months
Rs. 5,640 - Rs. 23,850/-
42-60 months
Rs. 6,500 - Rs. 17,496
135-230 AH
36-40 months
Rs. 5,649 - Rs. 21,346/-
135-230 AH
24-42 months
SF Sonic
Rs. 5,393 - Rs. 23,889/-
65-230 AH
24-42 months
Rs. 8,040 - Rs. 21,524
135-160 AH
24-40 months

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  • How do I choose the right Battery?

    Battery is a major part of Inverter.Efficiency of the battery has a significant effect on Inverter’s performance Therefore It is very important to understand the right battery for your Inverter. Performance and Durability of an Inverter is mainly dependent upon quality of the battery. Firstly you need to identify your power requirements and battery backup system.

  • How to calculate Battery backup time?

    Whenever you are planning to buy Inverter battery it is important to know how much backup it provides Backtime=Battery capacity(in Ah)*Input voltage/Total load in watts.

  • How should i buy Inverter battery online?

    You can buy Inverter Batteries from leading brands such as Amaron,Exide,Luminous,Amron,SF Sonic etc.Battery Mela offers high quality Inverter batteries at affordable price So place your order through our website. Batterymela also provides Free Shipping, Free Installation installation and technical Support.

  • Which is the best Inverter battery for home?

    Following are Some of the best Inverters batteries for home use Exide Inverter plus battery Exide offers different types of batteries according to your needs.There are low maintenance.It has hybrid alloy material. Luminous ILTT 18048 Battery One of the high performance battery from luminous.It has internal partition connection to prevent internal discharge Luminous inverlast Battery 150ah/12v This is also a high quality Inverter Battery from Luminous.It has plastic material to hold high temperature.It provides warranty of !8 months Exide 150Ah New Insta Brite One of the best batteries from exide.It has Storage capacity of 150ah and suitable for 12V inverter Exide 150ah Tubular Battery It has a strong storage capacity.Exide 150ah anduses special alloy material which helps to control water leakage.It also has dual plate separation to avoid premature failure

  • What is the Lifespan/Warranty of Inverter Battery?

    Inverter Batteries have tendency to damage easily.However,With Proper maintenance and care Inverter Batteries can last upto 3 to 5 is important to buy high quality Inverter Battery. Tubular batteries can last upto 4 t0 5 years whereas Flat plate has a lifespan of 3 years.

Some Products of Inverter Battery