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Inverter Batteries

We offer all Luminous, Amaron, Exide, livfast, and sf-sonic Inverter Battery at the lowest price in Pune at your doorstep buy now. Buy inverter battery online according to your requirements.

Inverter Battery

In today’s world, having a reliable power backup is important, especially for homes that experience frequent power off issues. An inverter battery for home use is a perfect solution, so that your daily work remains smooth. Inverter batteries store electrical energy and convert this into AC during power off, which helps to run your home appliances smoothly.

Batterymela offers reasonable price inverter battery in Pune of most of the trusted and reliable brands of inverters, like Amaron, Exide, Luminous, Livfast, and SF-Sonicinverter battery. We have the most reasonable inverter battery prices in Pune. We have all-in-demand and the best inverter battery at our online and offline stores. If you are looking to buy inverter battery online in pune, visit batterymela and get inverter battery at affordable price.

The inverter battery price varies based on capacity, brand, and types. There are different types of inverter batteries, including lead-acid batteries, which are affordable but require regular maintenance, tubular inverter batteries known for their longer lifespan and efficiency. BatteryMela provides premium inverter battery in Pune, book online your tubular inverter battery from us.

For reliable inverter battery combo in Pune, when deciding on the proper inverter battery for home, keep in mind elements like your energy necessities, the battery's potential, and guarantee. Investing in an inverter battery ensures you have got a dependable strength backup at some stage in power outages, to keep your home powered always. To find the perfect inverter battery online for your home you should have knowledge of inverter battery online prices and types will help you make the proper choice.

Types of Inverter Batteries

  • Lead-Acid Inverter Batteries: It is the most affordable inverter battery but requires regular maintenance, but it gives reliable output.
  • Tubular Inverter Batteries: Tubular inverter batteries are mostly known for longer lifespan, it is little expensive but has good perfomance.
  • List of popular brands & inverter batteries

    Luminous Inverter Battery

    Let us be your guide in the selection of our dependable Luminous battery and inverter at reasonable rates. With a 150-250Ah battery, select the most effective energy solution for your home or business by choosing a luminous inverter battery from us online at a minimum price. Tubular inverter battery have a higher durability, lifespan, and efficiency.

    BatteryMela is an amazing platform where the best quality Luminous battery and inverters combo are available and low prices. Consistent with the fact that our experience has proved that quality power solutions for homes, offices, and businesses are of prime importance, we are here to provide you with the best products to meet your requirements.

    Amaron Inverter Battery

    Welcome to BatteryMela, your one-stop shop for excellent Amaron inverter batteries in pune that guarantee reliability and performance at all times. With choices ranging from 100Ah to 220Ah, choosing the ideal energy solution for your house or company has never been easier. Batterymela provides same day services in all areas of pune & pcmc at your doorstep. You will get an inverter battery combo at economical rates.

    Exide Inverter Battery

    Exide is the No.1 inverter battery brand of India & It is India's largest power provider. BatteryMela is the best place to get an Exide inverter battery online that redefines durability is your first choice. Backed by Exide's tradition of expertise, we offer the ideal power solution to suit your demands, with best inverter batteries in pune for home. To know the exide inverter battery price call our staff you will get an amazing deal.

    Livfast Inverter Battery

    The ultimate destination for premium Livfast inverter battery that set the benchmark for performance and innovation. With capacities ranging from 100Ah to 220Ah, we empower you to embrace uninterrupted power supply with confidence and ease. Get Livfast inverter battery for home use are essential for ensuring an uninterrupted power supply during outages.

    SF-Sonic Inverter Battery

    Our range of SF-Sonic inverter batteries is designed to redefine your power experience. With capacities ranging from 100Ah to 250Ah, we offer unmatched versatility and performance to meet the needs of any application. SF-Sonic Inverter battery for home use provides reliable backup power during off.

    Why should you choose an inverter battery from battery mela ?

    High Capacity: From 150Ah to 250 Ah, Luminous is equipped with different battery capacities to cater to different needs from residential to commercial.

    Efficiency: All our inverters are equipped with class-leading technologies to provide maximum power efficiency and thus lower electricity bills with consistent power output.

    Affordability: We provide attractive prices for all Luminous durable plans to ensure that quality power solutions are affordable for everyone.

    Wide Selection: We offer a wide range of inverter batteries in pune of different brands which let you choose according to your need.

    FAQs on Inverters

    1. What is the work of an inverter?

    A: Direct current (DC) from a solar panel or battery is transformed into alternating current (AC) via an inverter, which is then usable to power electronic appliances and other gadgets. This enables normal AC-powered equipment to be powered by DC power sources.

    2. Which is the best battery for an inverter?

    A: The ideal battery for an inverter will vary based on your needs. Deep-cycle batteries are generally advised since they are made to deliver a constant current for an extended length of time. Popular choices include:

    • Lead-acid batteries: Accessible and reasonably priced, but they need upkeep.
    • Lithium-ion batteries: More costly, but they last longer, are more efficient, and require less upkeep.
    • Tubular batteries: Well-known for their sturdiness and extended lifespan, these batteries are perfect for prolonged and frequent power outages.

    3. What are the benefits of an inverter?

    A: Inverters provide several advantages:

    • Uninterrupted Power Supply: Maintains the functionality of vital equipment by providing backup power during blackouts.
    • Energy Efficiency: Modern inverters have a very low energy loss rate while converting DC to AC.

    4. What is the cost of an inverter in Pune?

    A: The cost of an inverter in Pune varies depending on the kind, capacity, brand, and features of the unit. Below are some general pricing ranges:

    • Small inverters (300W-800W): ₹2,000 to ₹7,000. These are sufficient for simple requirements like powering a few lights and fans during an outage.
    • Medium inverters (800W-1500W): ₹7,000 to ₹15,000. Suitable for homes that need to backup several appliances, such as lights, fans, and some electronic gadgets.
    • Large inverters (1500W+): ₹15,000 to ₹50,000 or more. Ideal for homes with large power requirements or for business use. These inverters are capable of handling higher loads and providing power for extended periods of time.
    • High-end inverters: ₹50,000 or more.
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