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In Sweden, Volvo manufacture company is based, which produces luxury cars. The Volvo company produced heavy trucks, buses, and construction equipment, in march 2021 Volvo announced that in 2030 there will be a fully electric four-wheeler.

In the first half of 2021, the Volvo XC60 SUV became the largest selling model. Other models are also sold in other modes that are  XC40 SUV, XC90 SUV, S60 sedan, and S90 sedan. This Volvo four-wheeler holds the Amaron and Exide Batteries.

This four-wheeler comes with two options of engines, petrol and diesel engine. Some other best models are sold in India. The price varies on the quality of the vehicle engine.

Volvo XC90:  This comes with a patron engine with 17.2 to 46.0 km mileage and the engine of this is 1969 cc. This four-wheeler comes with advanced safety and comfort, this vehicle carries Amaron and Exide Batteries.

 Volvo XC40: The Volvo XC40 car is an award-winning wheeler that comes with an expressive design and compact efficiency with a compact solution. The fluid capacity of this is 13 km/l combined.

Volvo XC60: This vehicle comes with a petrol engine and 11.2 km mileage. Is a mid-size luxury SUV. This vehicle comes mid of 25 Jun 2016. This vehicle carries Amaron or Exide batteries.

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