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In 1997 Toyota motors corporation entered India, joining a venture with Kirloskar Group. TMC (Toyota Motor Corporation) holds 89% of the share and the remaining 11% is taken by the Kirloskar Group, which is based in Bidadi Karnataka, India. 

The top-selling Toyota cars in India are, Fortuner, Innova Crysta, Urban Cruiser. The Toyota four-wheeler is equipped with Exide or Amaron batteries. The Toyota four-wheeler carries Exide or Amaron batteries.

Toyota is the best-selling four-wheeler in India as per the Pricing, displacement, mpg, and average customer ratings.

Fortuner: This vehicle is one of the best cars of the Sires, this four-wheeler has 8.0 Kmpl city mileage, this car comes with a diesel engine is 2755 cc and a petrol engine Displacement (cc) is 2694 with SUV body type. The Fortuner car carries the Amaron or Exide battery.

Innova Crysta: This is one of the best-selling cars in India. Innova Crysta comes with a diesel engine and petrol engine, the diesel engine has 2393 cc while the petrol engine has 2694 cc. The mileage of this vehicle is 8.2 to 12.0 Kmpl. Innova Crysta car holds Exide or Amaron batteries.

Urban Cruiser: It is one of the best versions of the vehicle. This vehicle comes with a petrol engine, the engine is 1462 cc. The mileage of this four-wheeler is 17.03 to 18,75kmpl, The Urban Cruiser vehicle holds the batteries which are Amaron or Exide.

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