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The Mini was founded in 1969, is a British automotive marque company. Since 2000, this company has belonged to the German car manufacturer BMW. The car model name Mini used since 1959, the company puts their car model name as “Austin Mini” and “Morris Mini”. The most selling Mini model in India, are Mini Cooper Convertible, Mini Cooper Countryman, Cooper 3 DOOR, John, etc. This holds the Amaron and Exide Batteries.

Mini is one of the largest automobile manufacturing companies in India. The is comes with a petrol and diesel engine. The Price, feature, engine quality, and mileage are varying on the manufacturing quality of the vehicle.

Mini Cooper Convertible: This is one of the largest selling cars in India, this car comes with a petrol engine and the mileage of this car is 16.72 kmpl. This contains Amaron and Exide Batteries.Mini Cooper Countryman: the power of the Mini Cooper Countryman is a 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine they developed 192PS of power and 280Nm of torque. The car’s petrol engine has a 1998 cc. This comes with automatic transmission, this car holds Amaron and Exide Batteries.

Mini John copper work: the fluid consumption in l/100km, this car come with a petrol engine with 15.81 Kmpl mileage, this car carries the Amaron and Exide Batteries.

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