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Daewoo is a North Korean manufacturing company that was established in 1937 as a national motor company. Facing financial difficulties, it sold to Ganesh Motors in 2001. In November 1962 it was renamed by the Saenara Motor. The best model of the Daewoo cars is, Daewoo Cielo, Matiz, Nexia, etc. This carries the Amaron or Exide batteries,  to help start the engine.

The Daewoo car comes with a petrol engine, this car entered the Indian Market in 1995, with Cielo. The Daewoo carries the Amaron or Exide batteries.

Daewoo Cielo: This car is a Korean that has a good engine, which makes this 12-year car so comfortable. This is the first model which has entered the Indian market. The annual mileage of this car with a petrol engine is 13.4 km and the automatic mileage of this car with a petrol engine is 12.1 km. This carries the Amaron and Exide batteries for helping to start the engine.

Daewoo Matiz: in 1998 the Matiz was launched in India, this is 5 seats with a tiny body for such features, it is very easy to park and visibility is good. This comes with a petrol engine and has an 18.5 km mileage. This car has a 796 cc engine, the vehicle needs the battery to start the engine, this holds Amarone or Exide batteries.

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