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Battery supplies initial electricity to start the engine. A Battery is an electrochemical device that produces voltage and carries out electrical current. It performs as a voltage stabilizer for the charging system. It does not store any electricity. It stores a set of chemicals. Battery is the main source of electric energy for a bike and through which electricity is produced. Buy Bike battery online from Batterymela at best price. Batterymela offers the latest batteries at different price ranges. You can check Bike Battery Price in Pune through our website.

Bike batteries are specially designed with the latest calcium effect technology and VRLA technology. These batteries have high durability, structure integrity, and power storage capacity. Due to VRLA technology, most of these batteries have a long shelf life and would not require much maintenance.

Types of batteries:-

  • Lead-acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries are the most popular bike batteries at an affordable price. These batteries are made up of plates that are diffused in the electrolyte solution of sulfuric acid and water. They are maintenance-free.

  • Gel cell or sealed batteries.

They store electrolytes in a silica gel. This gel is then framed into a unit and sealed air tight.

  • AGM Batteries (absorbed glass mat)

These batteries have a pressure relief valve and those pressure relief valve allows some of the hydrogen and other gasses to break out.

  • Lithium-ion batteries

These are light weight batteries with relatively new technology.

Components Of Bike Battery:-

  • Case

Case is a container that holds all battery components , protects the internal parts and prevents electrolyte leakage.

  • Plates

There are 2 types of Plates i.e. Positive and Negative. Plate size decides the capability of the battery. Large Plate Batteries produce more current than small plate batteries.

  • Separators

Separators are placed between positive and negative plates. Separators pass the Electrolyte between the plates.

  • Cell

When Positive and Negative plates are connected with Separator, it constitutes Cell. Number of cells determines the battery voltage. Cell normally produces around 2.1 volts.

  • Electrolyte

Electrolyte is a mixture of sulfuric acid and water. Electrolyte produces electrical pressure when it reacts with active material on the plates.

Tips to maintain the Battery

It is important to take care of your Bike’s battery to keep it working. Nowadays batteries are installed with Battery Management System. This can prevent batteries from overcharging and discharging. Following are some tips to maintain 

  • Regular Charging-

Regular charging of the battery is essential as it affects its performance and durability.

  • Don’t overload-

It is  important to ensure that you should never overload the battery. When you attach too many accessories to your bike such as LED light, capacity light can impose a lot of load on the and can affect the performance and lifespan of the battery.

  • Check any loose connections

All parts of the bike are connected to the battery through internal wiring. Loose connections affect the performance of the other parts of the battery. Therefore it is important to check for any loose connections.

  • Disconnect when not is use

When you don’t use your bike for a long time you need to disconnect the battery.

  •   Check the  Fluid levels
  •   Battery terminals should be clean

Causes of Bike Battery Failure:-

  •  Bad Terminal connection

Terminals on batteries are the tiny metal rods connected on either side of the top. When a Bike has a bad terminal connection which means the battery cable has a poor connection and when the connection is poor battery won’t get adequate charging. Which ultimately results in Battery failure.

  • Corroded Terminals

Corroded or damaged terminals can also cause battery failure. Battery acid develops on terminals creating a barrier between battery and the cable.Such bad connection ultimately affects the performance of the battery and results in battery failure.

  • Bad Battery

Battery failure can also be caused by using a bad battery. This happens when the battery is old or expired. Ideally a battery has a lifespan of 48 months. You should never use it after the expiration period.

  • Faulty Stator
  • Bad voltage Regulator or rectifier
  • Vibration and heat

How do you choose the right battery for your bike?

  • The most important thing is to check the performance and quality of the battery.
  • Always choose the maintenance-free battery. Always buy batteries from renowned brands i.e. Exide, Amaron and SF sonic. Batterymela is one the leading online stores which delivers bike batteries from all renowned brands.
  • Pick Weather Compatible batteries- If you live in colder climates AGM battery is the best option because AGM batteries does not require frequent charging. On the other hand if you live in hot climate then go for Lead Acid battery which has a longer life.

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What are the functions of a battery? 

Engine starting- Most importantly, electricity from the battery is used to operate the starter motor and to provide adequate current for the ignition system.

Engine off Electricity from the battery is used for accessories, and lighting When engine is off

Engine Running- Current from the battery is required to supplement the charging system when the Bike’s electrical load requirements exceed the charging system’s ability to produce electricity.

Drawbacks of a damaged battery.

When a battery is damaged you will face difficulties in starting up your bike. Damaged battery definitely affects the performance of your bike. Therefore it is important to replace it after the warranty period.

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Brands Price Range Capacity Warranty
Rs. 1,649 - Rs. 1,745.00
2.5 AH -14 AH
24-48 Months
Rs. 711.00 - Rs. 2,814.00
2.5 AH -45 AH
18-55 Months
SF- Sonic
Rs. 1,100.00- Rs. 3766.00
2.5 AH -40 AH
18-48 Months

Identify the best Battery for:-

TVS Wego

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Royal Enfield Battery

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Kanda bike

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Bullet battery

If you are looking for a bullet battery  We offer a wide range of batteries compatible for Bullet. You can place your order through our website.

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  • Do I need to charge a bike Battery?

    Battery is automatically charged while riding. However,it will discharge when the bike is kept unused for a long period of time. Therefore It is important to charge it regularly.

  • What is the Lifespan/warranty of a Battery?

    Most batteries have lifespan of 2 years.However if you maintain it properly you may increase its life .Battery life depend on certain factors such as charging, driving conditions, and proper maintenance. AGM batteries have lifespan of 3-5 years

  • Which Battery is compatible for Bullet/ Royal Enfield?

    Exide Xplore 12XL14L-A2 and SF-Sonic Mobiker are the most compatible for Bullet/Royal Enfield.

  • How do I know if my battery needs replacement?

    Each Battery has a definite lifespan. However, if we do not maintain it properly it may wear out soon. And if it is damaged you need to replace it immediately.

  • Which type of Bike battery is best? Lead Acid batteries,Gel batteries or AGM Batteries?

    Lead-acid Batteries are maintenance-free.However AGM batteries are most reliable and high performance batteries.

  • What is the Capacity of Bike Battery?

    Capacity of a battery depends upon the size of the engine. Small bikes use kick starters that require a small 6-7 amp hour battery. Whereas other bikes require 20-30 amp hours.

  • Can I buy Bike Battery online?

    You can buy Battery for your bike from all leading brands i.e. Exide, Amaron, SF Sonic. You can Place your order through batterymela. Batterymela offers a wide range of batteries at nominal price.

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