Roller Batteries

Roller Batteries

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Roller means Road Roller, some time is called Road constructor. these heavy machines are used on the construction site, to flat the surface. Thie machine is also used on the road, there are some companies which are manufactured the roller, those are Action Construction, Escorts. This type of constructor machine’s engine runs by using the Ameron or Exide batteries.

For flat, the surface roller used his weight, also in landfill construction It is used. Action construction and Escorts are manufacturer of the rollers. There are a few types like Cylindrical, Sheepsfoot, Pneumatic Tyred, Smooth wheeled, Vibratory, Grid.

Smooth wheeled :- for the large steel drum this type is used, This type is categorized one or two-wheelers. If there is one wheeler at the rear then it’s known as tandem, remaining wheels three-wheeler, two wheelers are In the rear. The machine’s weight is  2-8 tonnes. And the three-wheeler weight is 8-10 tonnes In this type used Amaron or Exide battery.

Vibratory:- These roles come with the two-wheeler, this machine comes the steel drums measuring 0.9 – 1.5 m in diameter., and 1.2 – 1.8 m in width. As comparison with other this roller has a high output and improved performance, but it also generally comes with a higher cost.
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