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What are the Home UPS and Inverters? A UPS is an electrical device with a rectifier to provide backup power for the system, and an inverter converts direct current to alternating current. The main function of the UPS is to store electricity, while the inverter converts alternating current to direct current.How do they benefit us? The primary function of any home UPS and Inverter is to Protect you from power cuts. They both Provides adequate power for short-term interruptions and "pass-through" times to convert to backup power. UPS are commonly used to provide backup power to desktop computers, while inverters are used to provide AC power to common household appliances. Power is not only a part of our modern life it brings comfort to the people. To enjoy this convenience anytime even during a power outage, you must have Home UPS and inverter in your home and we are here to help. At Batterymela we provide home UPS & Inverters in Pune.Why to choose us? Here at Batterymela you will enjoy the pleasure of buying various household UPS in pune and inverters in pune because we sell them at very affordable providing high-quality and consistent service.