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We offer V-guard, Livfast, Amaron, Exide, Luminous, SF-Sonic & Microtek inverter and home Ups at the best price in Pune.

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Inverter or Home Ups in Pune

If you don’t have an idea of the inverters' prices. We are here to help you with inverter price in pune. Click here to check the list of inverter prices in pune or you can check inverter or home ups prices in our online store

Our store has the most popular inverters for home use & office use. You can check all available inverters or home ups in our online store or at our shop.

Batterymela is the best seller of inverter and home UPS in Pune all over the city.

What are the Home UPS and Inverters?

A UPS is an electrical device with a rectifier to provide backup power for the system, and an inverter converts direct current to alternating current. The main function of the UPS is to store electricity, while the inverter converts alternating current to direct current.

How do they benefit us?

The primary function of any home UPS and Inverter is to Protect you from power cuts. They both Provide adequate power for short-term interruptions and "pass-through" times to convert to backup power.

UPSs are commonly used to provide backup power to desktop computers, while inverters are used to provide AC power to common household appliances. Power is not only a part of our modern life it brings comfort to the people.

To enjoy this convenience anytime even during a power outage, you must have Home UPS and inverter in your home and we are here to help. At Batterymela we provide inverters and home UPS in Pune.

Why choose us?
Here at Batterymela, you will enjoy the pleasure of buying various inverters and home UPS in Pune because we sell them at a very affordable price, providing high-quality and consistent service.

V-GUARD Inverter

Welcome to V-GUARD Inverters, the ideal source for dependable power solutions. In the modern world of rapid pace, a steady source of power is crucial. V-GUARD provides a variety of inverters that are engineered to deliver smooth power backup for any type of setting, be it residential, commercial, or industrial. This guarantees that your life continues uninterrupted

Exide Inverter

Are you trying to find a dependable power backup option? The solution is the Exide Inverter. An Exide Inverter, well-known for its dependability and efficiency, guarantees a steady supply of electricity during blackouts. Exide inverters provide better performance and longer battery life thanks to their cutting-edge technology. They are ideal for use in the office and at home because they are made to support heavy loads. Exide Inverters are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Select from a variety of models to meet your unique power requirements. You can rely on Exide Inverters to provide reliable, superior power backup. Use the dependable Exide Inverter to feel at ease. Invest in an Exide inverter today to avoid power outages in the future!

Microtek Inverter

The Microtek Inverter is an exceptional option for consistent power solutions. A Microtek Inverter, renowned for its innovative technology and sturdy construction, offers dependable backup during blackouts. Microtek Inverters meet a range of needs with features like digital display, overload protection, and energy-efficient operation. With their constant power supply, these inverters are ideal for both commercial and domestic use. A user-friendly alternative, the Microtek Inverter requires little upkeep and is simple to install. Select from a variety of models to discover the ideal match for your needs. For smooth, continuous power, rely on Microtek Inverters. Today, discover the effectiveness and dependability of a Microtek Inverter. Invest in a Microtek Inverter and wave goodbye to power outages!

Amaron Inverter

Enjoy consistent power supply with the dependable Amaron Inverter. An Amaron inverter, renowned for its dependability and strong performance, makes sure your house or place of business is powered during blackouts. Amaron Inverters, with their cutting-edge technology, provide long battery life and effective energy consumption. They are simple to install and maintain thanks to their elegant appearance and intuitive interface. Amaron inverters are a great option for reliable power backup because of their excellent overload protection and rapid charging capabilities. Perfect for a range of uses, including home appliances and necessary office supplies. To satisfy your unique power requirements, select from a variety of models. When it comes to dependable and effective power solutions, trust Amaron Inverters. Today, upgrade to an Amaron inverter and take advantage of continuous electricity and peace of mind.

Livfast Inverter

Make sure you always have power with the state-of-the-art Livfast Inverter. A Livfast Inverter, renowned for its remarkable longevity and performance, ensures dependable backup power during blackouts. Livfast Inverters provide rapid charging and longer battery life thanks to their cutting-edge technology and effective energy management. They blend in perfectly with any home or office setup thanks to their elegant and small design, which is also simple to install and maintain. Because Livfast Inverters are made to withstand heavy loads, you can be sure that all of your important electronics are powered on. Select from a variety of models to meet your unique power needs. You can rely on Livfast Inverters to provide reliable, superior power backup options. Today, discover the dependability and effectiveness of a Livfast Inverter. With a Livfast Inverter, you can wave goodbye to power outages and take advantage of constant electricity throughout the day.

Luminous Inverter

Put your trust in the Luminous Inverter and enjoy continuous electricity. An excellent performer and dependable product, a Luminous Inverter keeps your house or place of business powered through blackouts. Luminous Inverters have quick charging times and longer battery life thanks to their energy-efficient design and cutting-edge technology. Luminous inverters may easily be installed and have features that make them easy to use, meeting all of your power needs. Luminous Inverters offers a variety of types to meet different needs, whether for commercial or domestic application. Luminous Inverters is a reliable source of superior power backup solutions. When you need continuous power supply, upgrade to a luminary inverter right away.

SF Sonic

With SF Sonic, find dependable power backup options. SF Sonic inverters, which are renowned for their remarkable longevity and performance, guarantee a steady supply of electricity during blackouts. With their cutting-edge technology and energy-saving features, SF Sonic inverters provide rapid charging and longer battery life. They can be used in both home and business settings due to their small size and simple installation. SF Sonic offers a large selection of models to accommodate a variety of power needs. You can rely on SF Sonic to provide reliable and superior power backup options. Invest in an SF Sonic inverter today to enjoy a continuous power supply and peace of mind.

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kiran jadhav
kiran jadhav
I'm really satisfied with services provided by batterymela. Here I have replaced my bike battery last week. I'm providing review based on my past experiences. I'm regular customer of batterymela. I also used services for inverter battery and home ups. It's worth to give 5 stars.
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Meera Doshi
Got excellent service for inverter battery installation service at battery mela shop and technician was professional.
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pallavi damakale
I got best battery for my home inverter at best price.
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Shital Dandavate
Good service.
Excellent service
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Good place for your battery needs.
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Premsagar Gavali
I recommend Battery Mela in Pune , I got bike battery in the best price..
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mansi sable
Good service provider.
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Shravani Jadhav
I purchased battery for my activa. Really very nice service they provide.