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In 2013 Nissan was the sixth-largest automaker in the world,  in 2014 Nissan was the largest manufacturing company in North America. In 2005 this company offered hatchback, MUV, SUV, and sedans in India. 

Top best Nissan car in India, is Micra Activa, Micra, Sunny, Terrano, Kicks. For this car, special batteries are needed which are Amaron or Exide (you buy these batteries from Batterymela).     

 The four-wheeler machine comes with two types of engines one is petrol and the other is diesel.

Micra: This vehicle comes with a petrol machine and diesel machine, the diesel engine is 1461 cc while the petrol engine is 1198 cc. The Micra car carries the Amaron or Exide batteries. The mileage of this four-wheeler with diesel (Manual) is 23.19 Kmpl and with petrol (Automatic) 19.34 Kmpl.

Sunny: This vehicle comes with 1 petrol and 1 diesel engine, the petrol engine is 1498 cc while the diesel engine is 1461 cc. The mileage depends upon the type of fluid, the average mileage of the Sunny is 16.95 to 22.71 Kmpl. This vehicle carries an Amaron or Exide battery.

Micra Activa: This vehicle comes with a petrol machine, It is 1198cc, the mileage (ARAL)  is 19.69 Kmpl. The Micra Active carries Amaron or Exide batteries.

For the Nissan four-wheeler, customers are given the preference to the Amaron or Exide batteries. Batterymela sells the best battery for the Nissan cars. Batterymela is one of the best battery sellers in the PUNE.