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ICML Is an Indian automobile manufacturing of SUVs company, which is based in Delhi, it belongs to Sonalika Group. The Sonalika Group manufactures a tractor it was founded in 2006, the production of automobiles began in 2006. The IMCL cars hold Amaron or Exide batteries.

This brand is available for sale in India, It is famous for its  Extreme, ICML Rhino Rx model. The manufacturing cost is 6.48 L. In the Indian market, there is no official word from the manufacturer on its re-entry.

ICML Extreme: this is the best model of the ICML, this company sell Extreme Ambulance in October 2013. The milage of the IMLC car is 17.0 Kmpl this car comes with a 1994 cc engine displacement. The transmission type is manual, and the body type is MUV. This car comes with a diesel engine, for start the engine carries Amaron or Exide batteries.

ICML Rhino Rx: Rhino Rx is an SUV product which is manufactured by the ICML, its give power by the 2.0 L diesel engine. This car is not very well known due to the small dealer and service network. The mileage of this is 17.0 Kmpl and the Rhino Rx car comes with the 1994 cc engine. The Rhino Rx car carries Ameron or Exide battery. If you wanted to find the battery for this car then you can contact us on 7038854547 this number.

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