Three Wheeler Batteries

Three Wheeler Batteries

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Three-wheeler vehicles are run on batteries some of them three-wheelers are used human power and some are animal power. In three-wheeler can have one wheel at the back or two wheels at the back, In this have there are lead-acid and

lithium-ion batteries are used, Exide batteries are manufactured In India and its supply for the vehicle across the worldwide, and Amaron batteries are also used in some automobiles. There are 37 brands currently available In India, 3 of them are the best In the market that is OSM Rage Plus, OSM Rage, Lohia Narain ICH.

OSM Rage:– With sleek design and fast charging system, it takes 3-4 hours to charge. These have the best advanced technology, This vehicle holds Amaron or Exide battery.

OSM Rage Plus:- the OSM Rage+ are also coming with IP65 with zero maintenance, this vehicle has an aerodynamic design with a fast-charging system. This also comes with advanced technology, for properly running the engine the vehicle carries Amaron or Exide batteries.

Lohia Narain ICH:-It is available in the box body option, is carried the lead-acid (Amaron or Exide) batteries, which are helping to start the engine, this vehicle is one of the best three-wheelers. The battery capacity is 105Ah, and the maximum speed of this vehicle is 25 km/hr.

Batterymela sells all type of batteries, you can contact us to the best battery for your Automobile. Batterymela sells Amaron and Exide Batteries, Luminous, Livfast categories battery brands.

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