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In India, a Fiat car company was founded in 2012, under the Fiat brand making their products cars and engines. This car company is the 9th car manufacturer company in India. 1100, 500, Adventure, Avventura, Abarth Avventura, these are the best Fiat four-wheelers. 

All the vehicles which are manufactured by the Fiat company hold Amaron and Exide Batteries. In 2020 it has a 0.74 market share. This company is the biggest manufacturing company of four-wheelers.

The four-wheeler comes with two types of engine options one is petrol and the other is diesel, both types of engines have specialization in their features.

The latest four-wheeler brand is linea. This four-wheeler comes with two types of engine options, the petrol linea four-wheeler has a (1368 cc) engine and the manual mileage of the petrol car is 15.32kmpl. Diesel Fiat linea car has a (1248 cc) engine with manual mileage is 20.4kmpl.

Petrol vehicle: The engine of Fiat vehicles comes with petrol; those vehicles are, 1100, Abarth, Adventure, etc. This car comes with a petrol engine. Petrol vehicles are less costly than diesel vehicles.

Diesel vehicle: This manufacturing company some of them come with the diesel engine, Avventura Urban Cross, Ducato, Palio D, this vehicle comes with the diesel engine. Diesel four-wheelers are a little bit more costly than a petrol four-wheeler.

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