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Excavators are heavy equipment that is used in construction sites. On the rotating platform, there is a bucket and cab. All the movement is done by the hydraulic excavator and is established to be used by the hydraulic fluid, the main brands of excavators are Ashok Leyland John Deere, BEML, Kobelco Construction Equipment, JCB, Telco, etc. 

This heavy machine carries the Amaron or Exide battery.The machines are available in a wide variety of sizes, there are 05 types of excavators are caterpillar excavators, a wheel, an aspiration, a long ranch, hydraulic blades.  There are various models is which are different in size, as size increases, increase their capacity, lift, etc. two of them are given below.

Crawler Excavators: these Excavators, are used for mining, landscape grading, and trench digging. This machine is slower than the Wheeled excavators. This machine is called a Crawler because it is run on two rotating tracks. These excavators are good for the uneven terrain.

Wheeled Excavators: the Wheeled are used on flat/hard surfaces, On concrete, It is fast and easy to move. In muddy or hilly terrain they do not work well. This functionality is the same as the crawler, but it has wheels like a tractor. It was best on asphalt or concrete. The excavators carry Amaron or Exide batteries.

Usage of Excavators: It is used in Digging trenches, hols, and foundations, this heavy equipment is monthly used in construction sites, for Handel materials this is also used in Forestry work.   This machine is very helpful to river dredging

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