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Crane is heavy equipment which is used in the construction sites to lift the material, It also used to lift the heavy things and that heavy things are transfer from one place to other.

The first crane machine was known by the shadoof or shaduf, brands like crane Action Construction, Escorts, Indo Farm Equipment, JCB, and Standard these are the top crane manufacturing companies, that heavy machine carries Ameron or Exide batteries.

There are many types of cranes those are having different functionality and are used for different work. For the engine need the battery to continue the work, for that Crane carries Amaron or Exide battery

The JCB company provides the machine which is used to lift the heavy material horizontally, there are 05 types of JCB cranes are concrete radial loader, bulldozer radial loader, radial loader, telescopic radial loader, radial unloader. This all is help in the construction site.JCB carries Amaron or Exide batteries to start the engine. Action Construction

It is the leading company in the production of construction equipment, this company is one of the best manufacturing companies. It gives the high power and efficient crane with perfect working condition. There are many models are available in the market some of these are Action Construction 12XW, 14XW, 15XW, 15XWE, 15XWF, etc.

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