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Chevrolet came to India in 1993, a general automation company which is the first to open an assembler plant in India. Vehicle production started in 1928, in 2003 the Chevrolet company was relaunched in India. This vehicle comes with many options: petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG. This vehicle holds the Amaron and Exide Batteries. Chevrolet is the fifth largest four-wheeler manufacturer company in the market of India.

Petrol cars: The petrol is of the company Spark this car has 995cc – 1389cc machine with 18.6 Kmpl – 13.7 Kmpl mileage. Beat, Enjoy, Sail U-VA, Sail Sedan is the most famous brand of Chevrolet. 

Diesel cars: The motor comes with diesel, those cars are Tevara Neo 3, Cruze, Trailblazer, etc. This type of vehicle comes with a 1998cc – 2776cc machine and the mileage is 11.45- 17.3.

LPG: The vehicle’s motor comes with petrol, diesel, LPG. The model of the Chevrolet which comes with an LPG engine is Spark, this is the most famous and latest car of India. The machine capacity of this car is 995 cc with the mileage of the fluid being 13.2 Kmpl.

CNG: The engine comes with a CNG engine, the vehicle rang on the CNG engine this is Chevrolet Aveo 1.4 CNG. This four-wheeler contains the 04 number of the cylinder the engine displacement of this car is 1399cc with  ARAI Mileage 15.4 km/kg. 

All of the vehicle engines of the Chevrolet cars hold the Amaron and Exide Batteries.