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Warje is a suburb of pune. This area is located beside the River, making the pool of the village to the west of the hills because of the adequate soil and sufficient water for agriculture.

Suppose your friend lives in warje and he arranges his birthday party at night .He invites you to his birthday party. You planned to go to a birthday party and go with your family in the car.

Your journey was going full of fun, enjoyment, and listening to music but your car was stopped due to some technical problem, or due to the  battery being dead.

This car problem spoils your mood and also your friend’s birthday party. Your friend was waiting for you. But your car was not started at any time.

Don’t stop your journey. Don’t worry, your problem will be solved immediately. How and where?

Ask Google Batterymela car battery jumpstart service in Warje. Now you may be wondering what is this jumpstart?

you can Jumpstart the battery using a jumper cable and another vehicle. When a battery dies.

Batterymela offers you car battery jump start service in Warje and nearby areas like Shivane, Warje, Karve Nagar, Anand Nagar where your vehicle stopped. We provide quick and instant car battery jumpstart service in Warje. Our technician comes to your location and jumpstarts your vehicle


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    We always try to priovide instant service & support to our customers

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    Easy Payment mothods for customers. like phone pe, Paytm, Google Pay etc.

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    Quality and professional work is our first priority.

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