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Batterymela offers a car battery jumpstart in Wadgaon Sheri and nearby locations. Wadgaon Sheri location is situated at Pune-Nagar road. At an earlier time, Wadgaon Sheri was a small village Which is Connected to Pune city. Now It is One of the growing regions in Pune city. Currently, Vadgaon Sheri is the
Good place for residential and also commercial purposes.
This area is located beside Kalyani Nagar.

Suppose If you are traveling to Nagar Pune. While going from the area of Wadgaon Sheri you found your car Conks out, Suddenly your car gets stopped.
You tried to push your car by yourself. No one is stopping to help you. You couldn’t think no one was answering your phone also

If you found your car battery-related problem
Don’t be too worried. We are available to help you with any type of situation you get into. We are available to provide you with a car battery jumpstart service in Wadgaon Sheri Pune.

Batterymela provides you car battery jumpstart service in Wadgaon Sheri and Across Pune city.

Jumpstart service is nothing but providing an external supply to your car battery because extra power is given to your battery. And your car battery gets up and starts your car.


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