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Keshav Nagar is a large-scale area in Pune which is near a high residential area like Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar, Koregaon Park, etc.

Suppose you have a doctor’s appointment in the evening for an MRI test. You left for an appointment by car. When you drive a car you notice that the volume of car horns is reduced. You ignore that indication but after some time your car was stopped near Keshav Nagar and in any attempt, it has not started. you are getting late for an appointment but your car has not started. you didn’t understand what to do in this situation.

In this situation, you have only one solution: car battery jumpstart.

Never forget that when-

Car battery engine start crank

Motor crank slowly

The volume of the horn goes slow

Power window work not properly

Interior lights come dim

 Car batteries require jumpstart service.

Batterymela is always available for car battery Jumpstart service in Keshav Nagar and also all over Pune.

Battery jumpstart means boosting dead battery by giving some power from another car battery using a jumper cable.

Never miss your important work, when Batterymela is available there. Batterymela gives you quality service of car battery jumpstart in Keshav Nager all over Pune city.


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