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Battery services in Pune

Batterymela is the leading online retailer and service provider of all types of batteries and inverters in Pune.

We sell and service all types of batteries such as car battery, bike battery, inverter battery, heavy engine vehicle batteries, elevator battery, generator batteries and three-wheeler batteries from top brand like Amaron, Exide, livfast and luminous.

In order to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers we offer a wide range of after-sales, repair and consulting Battery service in Pune,including the following

  • Battery Testing
  • Battery repair
  • Battery installation
  • Battery Replacement
  • Battery Recharging
  • Battery wash programs
  • Battery storage

You may find various battery service in Pune but By choosing batterymela, you will benefit from our many years of experience in servicing and selling. Because we have trained and knowledgeable staff to find your issues to plan and satisfy you with the wow service. you can get your service done anywhere,as we serve in all location of Pune.

Battery jump start service pune

Owning a car means being free to travel long distances by car. Whether you plan to travel alone or with your loved ones, a car will make the whole process easier.

We understand that driving a car is a great experience, but unfortunately you will inevitably run into mechanical problems at some point. As a car owner, it is your responsibility to resolve these issues. In addition, you need to regularly read up on basic maintenance to ensure that your car will last. To do this, you should have some basic knowledge of vehicles.

The battery will definitely be at the top of the list because no vehicle can start without it,

But how to know that it is in proper condition, we’ll let us make you aware of few things about your car battery

The battery of your car gives you some of the signs mentioned below when it is about to die or dying. Check following things to know about your battery’s health to avoid strange experience.

Batterymela provide to you some meaningful info about when your car require a battery jump start service

  Few indications when your car require a battery jump start service.

  • Your battery’s engine starts to crank when you try to start it then you required battery jump start service.
  • If your motor cranks slowly, it signifies your battery is dying. If it doesn’t turn over at all, the battery is already dead.
  • The volume of the horn has been reduced then you required battery jump start service.
  • The interior lights dim and the dashboard’s battery light illuminates.
  • Power windows doesn’t work smoothly.

Once you make sure any of the signs mentioned above, the battery surely requires a jump start or should be replaced if the engine does not start at all.

There are multiple ways to jump start a dying or dead battery such as using vehicle with working battery, decent battery and jumper cables or by pushing the vehicle from behind until it gets start. However, you might not have the accessibility of all the things required to start your vehicle. Don’t worry at all, just give us a one call, that’s all.

Our professional will be there at any location all over the Pune to give you an assistance in favorable price. Or for more details visit our website