Battery Recharge Services

Battery Recharge services

Battery Recharge

Battery recharge service

If you are taking good care of your vehicle or when your car is new it might not require a recharge for at least few years, but you will surely face the issues with your car battery duo to many reasons such as, finished battery lifespan, poor quality battery or may be due to non-maintenance of the battery. As a result, it won’t allow your engine to start and there comes in a battery recharge service. Yes! It is completely possible to recharge your battery if your car battery is dead or not functioning well.

There are few ways to verify that you have a dead car battery which we have listed below

  • Your car will give Ticking sound when you try to start it, this indicates that your car battery might be dead.
  • If your engine battery is flashing, you should check your battery as it may be a sign of unusual battery functioning.
  • If your car is not driven for long period of time and you try to start it but it won’t start after trying two to three times it means your car battery is might be dead.
  • Perhaps your car starts and runs well, but this does not exclude the possibility of a low power or a dead battery. If other electrical systems in your car, such as air conditioning, radio, or headlights, suddenly, stop working, this could be a signal that there is a problem with the battery of your car.
  • If you are smelling sulfur from your car battery which means leaky car battery and that is a sure sign of a dead battery

      How do batterymela will help you with the battery recharge service
    Call us whenever you address the issue with your battery our technicians will immediately reach your way to check and help you with the required battery service.
    We provide quick battery recharge service all over the Pune along with easy payment method.