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What is an Inverter?

An inverter is a device that converts the direct current of AC power batteries. When the battery is not in use and the main supply is available the cells are trickle charged with low current via a transformer.

The inverter takes AC and converts into DC and saves into the battery. When our supply is cut from the main phase, the inverter takes DC from the battery, converts it into AC, and supplies it to all home appliances.

In our home many appliances are available. But inverter batteries have a limited amount of voltage. Large voltage devices like water heaters, AC, Iron, Microwave are not working on inverters.

For all the above work, it has some proper connections of wires. Someone who knows electric connections can make proper connections.

In case we try to install a battery at home but by mistake, if any connection goes wrong on the spot the battery will be damaged or a short circuit will happen. So don’t take risks.

Hire Batterymela for inverter battery installation in Warje.

Batterymela gives you a professional electrician for your inverter battery installation In Warje

Warje is a residential area from Pune city. Warje covers Renuka Nagar, Urit Nagar, Aditya Garden City, Motiram Nagar, these areas in which batterymela gives inverter battery installation service on Warje Naka also.


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