Inverter Battery Installation In Rahatani

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Batterymela gives inverter battery installation in Rahatani.

Inverter battery duration:

Nowadays inverter batteries are important for all companies. The duration of the inverter batteries depends on the battery’s brand, some of the famous brands for inverter batteries are Amaron, Exide, Luminous, etc. let’s see this its duration on life,


This Lead Acid Tall Tubular battery duration is 4 to 5 years and its capacity is 150AH (15 Ampere over the discharge period of 10 hours )


The tubular, lead-acid, These batteries’ capacity is  >100 Ah, 100-150 Ah, 180-200 Ah, and their average life is 7-10 years.


The duration of the tubular, lead-acid battery is 75 months, and its capacity is 150AH.

Assume that you are staying in Rahatani. They are sometimes facing power cut problems. you know that, but you planned the function, that time you got a power cut. it’s so embarrassing for you because your boss came to that party and in front of the boss the light turns off and you don’t have it for such conditions.

Batterymela provides a suitable inverter battery installation in Rahatani for you. Our technicians come to your location and install it as soon as possible. We give the training to our technicians related to inverter battery installation.

Batterymela provides inverter battery installation in Rahatani and nearby areas of Rahatani some of those are Shivaraj Nagar, CID Colony, Nakhate Vasti, Tapakir Nagar, Krushna Colony, etc.


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