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An Inverter is an essential part of our life. It helps us when the power supply is when power is not available. It maintains the supply of power when needed.

 If you want to install for your home or office, you must know

  • Select a location where the It is placed, means
  • The setting of the inverter and battery place.
  • Connecting inverter to the battery with the help of a wire.
  • Connect the inverter to the mainboard for input power supply to recharge the battery.
  • Connect the outgoing wire to the main phase board for output supply for household appliances.
    If you have proper knowledge about how to connect wires then only you can install an inverter. No one tries to install it yourself. If any cable goes connected wrongly on the spot, the battery will be damaged or a short circuit will happen.

Hire Batterymela for your service of Inverter battery installation service In parvati Batterymela gives you an Inverter battery Installation service in Parvati all over Pune city. Batterymela takes action on your problem. We provide expert electricians for the Installation of Inverter battery at your home In Parvati area.

Parvati is a well-known devotional area in Pune. Devdeveshwar temple (Shiva and Parvati), Kartikeya Temple, Vishnu Temple, Vitthal Temple, Rama Temple these temples are available in Parvati hill.We provide professional Inverter battery Installation Service In Parvati area.


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