Inverter Battery Installation In Nigdi

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Batterymela offers inverter battery installation in Nigdi. We provide top leading batteries to the customer examples are Amaron, Exide, Luminous, etc.

Nigadi is in one of the cities of Pune, Maharashtra. Nigdi’s sub areas are a Nigadi flyover, Sindhu Nagar, Scheme Number11, etc.

In Nigdi there are very beautiful places to see.

What is the requirement for the battery Installation?

For the installation, you don’t need to buy any extra wires, switches, and an extra power supply, It sounds easy but is not that much easy. You can’t have battery installation done properly. The battery installation has good technicians who can know all the connections of the installation inverter battery. you can ask for help from him but don’t do it yourself.


Let’s assume that you buy the inverter battery and you try to install it because the next day there is a function in your office, but the battery does not install properly there is some difficulty occurring during installation. you feel that you don’t know, what is the proper installation. you don’t understand who one help you with the inverter battery installation in Nigdi. Contact us and we send our technicians to your location and install the inverter battery properly.

We give them proper training on how to install it safely. Our technicians are well trained in inverter battery installation in Nigdi.


  • Reasonable Price

    Our pricing is very affordable to our customers

  • Instant Service & Support

    We always try to priovide instant service & support to our customers

  • Easy Payments

    Easy Payment mothods for customers. like phone pe, Paytm, Google Pay etc.

  • Quality & Professional Work

    Quality and professional work is our first priority.

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