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Batterymela gives inverter battery installation in Morewadi.

When the Inverter battery is not in use, where and how to store it safely?

Inverter battery is another electricity storage device that electricity uses when we need it. That electricity gets from solar panels, wind energy, or any other electricity-making source.

The battery is important for the inverter, we can say that the battery is the backbone of the inverter. The performance and lifespan of the inverter mostly depend on the battery.

Like other energy, batteries also support the device (for example inverter) while traveling from one place to another place.

Given points are related to how to store Inverter battery when it is not in use,

Clean the terminal properly.

Apply an oil jelly on a terminal. The prevention of corrosion is stopped thanks to the gelatin applied in the terminal. Put in the cooled area(should not be above 30/35 Deg C) and dry area. Check the electric light level every 3 months.

This precaution will be done while your battery is not working and you store it.


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