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Karve Nagar is a very beautiful and most important safe & secure area for living. Karve Nagar has all types of amenities like hospitals, supermarkets, schools, theatres.

Once your living area has some electric-related work, your electricity supply is cut. At the same time, your son has to attend an online exam, but due to no electricity, the computer and wifi do not work.

To resolve this problem you may require an inverter battery.

Inverter battery is designed for backup electricity current from the main supply and it is used for when electricity is cut from the main supply.

When you buy an inverter battery for the first time or you exchange an inverter it has some process.

Connect a positive terminal and negative to related battery positive and negative terminals

There are pairs of knots and a bolt is available to tighten the terminal of wire to the battery.

There will be a spark in the battery when you connect the second wire but don’t panic. You are done now switch on the inverter

One thing that is most important in that process is having a little bit of risk, if a wire connection goes wrong that time short circuit will happen. So hire Batterymela professional and experienced service providers.

Batterymela is the best service provider for Inverter battery installation.There are many Inverter battery dealers are available In karve nagar area, But among all those batterymela is the best dealer of Inverter battery In karve Nagar.


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