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The inverter battery installation process is very tricky.                              

Inverter battery converts DC current into AC current.

 Follow the following steps:

1)check the switches

2)firstly identify the battery terminal which is positive and negative.

3)The negative terminal is connected to the black cable and the positive is the red cable.

How to expand inverter Battery life?

1]Keep rust away from the battery.

2]Do not overload the battery

3]checkout water level frequency.

4]change the battery when you need it.

5]Keep battery inside area clean

Assume that, In the hot summer, the Main power Supply is cut off due to the high load of electricity in your society, the fan does not work without electricity. But you need a fan while sleeping every day. Does the question arise about how to sleep now?
As a solution to resolve this problem you may need an inverter battery.

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