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Inverter are the most important thing in our life. When our power supply is cut at that time.

There are three types of inverters.

Pure sine-wave -:  on power demand this type of inverter works. If extra voltage is required for home devices, it can adjust automatically. This is very useful for home and shop.

Modified sine-wave -: This type of take some time to adjust the voltage and does not provide a smooth power supply as a pure sine-wave inverter

Square wave -: This is the least efficient type of the three and is used for rudimentary devices that require little power to restart.

This inverter needs proper installation. We can install an inverter at home by ourselves. But there is some risk, if any wire gets wrongly connected then on the spot the battery will be damaged.

For installing an inverter hire Batterymela which is the best service provider in Bhawani Peth all over Pune city.
Batterymela also provide other services like

  • Battery checkup
  • Battery repair
  • Battery installation
  • Battery Jumpstart

Located in the heart of the city, Bhavani Peth is an ancient city in Pune.  before the founding of the British Raj in India There area dates like. Budhwar Peth, Ganesh Nagar, Shukrawar Peth,  Ganesh Peth all areas come under Bhawani Peth. There are many Inverter battery service providers In the Bhavani Peth area but among all those batterymela provide Affordable price Inverter battery Installation service.


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