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Correct Inverter battery installation is very important to perform day-to-day tasks smoothly. The inverter battery installation process is different from another installation process.

An inverter battery is a device that captures some amount of current from the main circuit board. Electrical devices run on inverter batteries. Electronic devices like TELEVISION, Fridge, washing machine, laptop, Bulb, Fun, etc.

How to install the setup of an inverter battery?

1] Firstly, make a power connection of the inverter to the battery with the help of a wire.

2] Second, connect the cable of the inverter to the main switch.

3]If the connection is wrong, the battery will be damaged.

If you purchase a new inverter battery. you don’t understand how to install an inverter battery.

Don’t worry about your battery installation. Batterymela provides a Fast inverter battery installation Service. Batterymela is always ready to help you at any time and anywhere in Pune city.

  Our technicians are experienced in the installation process.

Batterymela provides other Services like

1)Jumpstart Service

2)Repairing Service

3)battery recharge UPS

4)Home and inverter configuration

Batterymela gives you an inverter battery installation in Alandi Road with All pue City. Alandi road is a popular area in Pune city. There are different sub-areas like Blandi pmpml stop, Alandi road, Dehu road, Ravi Kiran society.


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    Quality and professional work is our first priority.

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