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Inverter Battery In Yerawada

The Inverter battery is an important power backup device for home/Office. It is used for emergency electricity power generating devices.It does not work without a battery.

Function of  It transfers the current AC To AC. Home  Appliances run on Alternating current(AC). It is the voltage and current supplied to the electronic appliances. The battery consists of two terminals, positive and negative. Positive connected to the battery on one side and negative connected to another side of the battery.

Check the battery voltage and current by a multimeter.

Following are steps to check the condition

  •   .Fully charged battery
  •   .Unplug the it from the inverter
  •   .Ensure terminals are clean
  •   .Check the acid level
  •   .Check the acid color

Lets see example,

Suppose,  In the summer season. The main power cutoff due to the high load of electricity in your society, the light and fan does work without power. But you need a fan and light while sleeping every day. In this situation, how do you sleep?

If this condition occurs, purchase a new inverter battery.Batterymela is the biggest dealer of Inverter batteries In yerawada area. Our technicians are more knowledgeable about inverters. 

Batterymela provide other Services like 

  • Installation
  • Health checkup
  • Recharge
  • configuration

Batterymela  provides inverter batteries in yerawada. Yerwada is a well known location in pune. Yerwada is identified by yerawada jail”. Pratik wadi,mohan nagar, Indira nagar ,yerawada central prison these sub areas come in yerawada. We provide Professional Inverter battery Installation In Yerawada.