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Batterymela Provides inverter batteries in Nigdi for most top branded inverters, like amaron, exide, luminous, livfast, sf-sonic. We have the most reasonable inverter battery prices in pune. We have all top branded and the best inverter batteries at our online and offline stores. If you are looking for an inverter battery near Nigdi visit our store

Following are top brands of inverter batteries


Amaron is one of the top brand of inverter batteries. This is the main reason we provide amaron inverter batteries in our store. Check all amaron inverter batteries


Exide is also top brand in Nigdi. Due to high demand of exide inverter batteries we have no option, but to keep it into our store so our customers can easily avail it. Check all available Exide inverter batteries


Luminous is very popular as an inverter battery brand like other brands. You can easily order luminous inverter batteries in Nigdi from our online store or you can visit our shop in Nigdi. Check the price of all luminous inverter batteries


Livfast is the most popular brand in Nigdi. It also has developed a good reputation as a brand of batteries. You can also available Livfast as an inverter battery brand in Nigdi. View livfast inverter batteries 

SF sonic 

Sf sonic is also highly in demand as an inverter battery in Nigdi. It also has competitive prices for inverter batteries with good quality and durability. You can check sf-sonic inverter battery prices in Nigdi.


V-Guard has reasonable prices and it’s popularity is increasing very fast in Nigdi as a brand of inverter batteries. Our customer also can order V-guard inverter batteries in Nigdi. Check the list of v-guard inverter batteries

inverter battery price in Nigdi

Different brands have different prices for inverter batteries in Nigdi. It is difficult to say about exact price but we can say about the average price range for inverter batteries in Nigdi and it ranges between Rs. 7500 To Rs. 30000. Prices depend on the brand and model of batteries, its capacity etc.

We have all best inverter batteries in Nigdi at our online store and physical shop.

Batterymela provides inverter batteries near Nigdi. Locations we covered are, Kaspate Wasti, Kemase Wasti, Wakadkar Wasti, Venu Nagar Cotes, Shedage Wasti, etc.

Our inverter battery shop in Nigdi is located in pimple saudagar. You can visit our shop for inverter batteries. We would like to serve you.

 There are many stores in wakad for inverter batteries but we can proudly say that we are one of the top 3 inverter battery stores in Nigdi. We are serving many customers in pune and Nigdi.

Check All Available Inverter Batteries In Store

Click below button to view all available inverter batteries in store

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Batterymela offers the inverter battery in the Nigdi area.

Take care of the inverter battery:

Take of the inverter battery is most important for the extent of the life of the batteries, let’s see a few of the caring tips, 

Inverter store in the proper way: an inverter heated during the functionality. Store it in the dry area and do not put the inverter in the sun rays. Give the natural air and put it in the cooled area, do not give the artificial air. This helps to minimize the charging requirement.

Use Distilled Water: Do not use plain water in battery cells with distilled water because this can extend the life of the battery and this water is useful in the battery. 

If you are stuck in an emergency just like in your office having an important meeting that time you got a power cut, to continue the meeting you need the inverter battery. In such a situation you can contact us on (7038854547) this number we are here to help you.

Batterymela sends the technician’s team to your location. They come to your location with the best inverter battery for you.

Batterymela sells the inverter battery in the Nigdi area and its sub areas Walhekarwadi, Scheme Number 11, Swapnanagari Housing Society, etc.