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Batterymela provides the inverter battery in Market Yard.

What part has rust (corrosion), which is affected by the inverter battery?

All types of corrosion is affected by the battery. The corrosion happened because you did not take care of them, you put it in the moisture area that’s why the corrosion will be created on the battery.  

There are two places where rust has happened to it. lets see those places,

Rust on the grid: the rust happens mostly in the grid place where the lead is soft because the reaction between the sulfuric acid and plats is so strong. The corrosion of the grid reduces the efficiency of the battery.

Rust on the terminal: this is another part of it which rust mostly happened on. The terminal is the main part of the battery. If the rust is present in the terminal then it loses its life, it will die because the terminal has rust, then it is not working properly because of that it will automatically die.

These are the two-parts of it which mostly have rust on them.  

If it has a lot of rust then you must replace it with a new one. In such cases, Batteryemla is here to help you. You can contact us on (7038854547) this number.

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