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Inverter Battery In Magarpatta

If you wanted to choose the right battery for your inverter then visit batterymela we guide you in choosing the right inverter battery in Magarpatta for you.

We provide Inverter battery In  magarpatta and nearby locations like Mundhwa, Hadapsar, Kharadi, Wadgaon Sheri, Kalyani Nagar, Hadapsar capital

If you are facing a power cut problem too many times at your home is a major issue. Your sweet home is incomplete if we do not have sufficient power backup for it. So Install Inverter battery today at your home 

How to maintain a home UPS battery?

1) When the batteries are fully charged, you just need to check.

It Charges your Inverter battery for at least 10-15 hours. Before checking its health remove the inverter from the front panel, and remove the wall socket also.

2) Always check the acid level of the batteries.

It shouldn’t be too full, if it’s too full it should be quite dangerous. If the health is good then the acid present in it should be colorless.

3) Always clean the battery terminal area.

It produces a large amount of lead sulfate during the normal operation

Clean the terminal with warm water and the nylon brush.

4)Keep the batteries’ surfaces spotless always.

On the battery surface area dirt is present, clean it with a dry cloth.

5)Damaged wire affects its performances 

Test the wire always Whether it is crimp, broken, or the insulation presented on it gets melted, It is the risk of the short circuit.

Batterymela offers an inverter battery in Magarpatta.