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Which one is better? Tubular or flat panel 

It is mostly used to start any vehicle or non-living things, which are needed to start from external energy, just like batteries, it is the best example of external energy. In the batteries, there are two different batteries available one is a Tubular and the other is the flat-panel.

Lead-acid batteries are mostly used in India, they have a lead electrode and a lead dioxide positive electrode.

Let’s see the main difference between tubular and flat-panel.

Flat-panel battery: This is used in inverter batteries but they have more maintenance that is why the cost of this is less and the duration of life is very short as compared to the tubular battery.

Tubular battery: This is also used in the inverter, this does not have high maintenance, the cost of this is higher than the flat battery because this has less maintenance and this served for a long time as compared to the flat battery.

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