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Inverter Battery in NIBM

Batterymela supplies the inverter battery in NIBM.

Myths related to the inverter battery:

Most of the things have a Myth. Some myths are present for batteries. let’s see a few of them, 

The battery is not affected by the outside temperature: This is one of the myths related to the batteries. We know that the temperature affects any material it also meads by the material, that’s why do not trust on these myths, the temperature is affected by the inverter battery.

You can install an Inverter battery at any place: these myths are wrong, you can’t put it anywhere, you must put it in a clean area and the surface of that area must be flat. You must take care that it does not put in the sunlight because it is not good for your battery.

If you would like to install the inverter battery in your home then you can contact us on (7038854547) this number, we and our experts are here to help you.

Batterymela gives the online service, we send you experts to your location and they do the installation as fast as they can do.

Batterymela gives the repair service of inverter battery in NIBM area and its sub areas just like Raheja Vista, Jarande Nagar, Mohammed Wadi, Pune Cantonment, etc.