Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Wakad

Batterymela sells the inverter and Home UPS in Wakad.

The maintenance difference between the home UPS and inverter: 

The different machines have different maintenance to expand their life span, 

Home UPS maintenance: it has less maintenance just like putting it on a clean and flat surface and other maintenance also you can check the temperature of it. if you give the proper maintenance to it then its life of it will be expanded  


Assume that in your home you have the inverter, that inverter does the regular work properly, but in your computer it does not work properly, that time you must buy the UPS for your home and your computer then the work in a proper way.

If you are having major issues with your inverter or UPS then you can contact us on (7038854547) this number, we give repairing service to it. 

Batterymela sends the expert with your required inverter and Home UPS in Wakad to your location and they do the installation also.

Batterymela gives the installation of the inverter and Home UPS in Wakad and its sub areas just like Kaspate Wasti, Kemase Wasti, Wakadkar Wasti, Venu Nagar Cotes, Shedage Wasti, etc.