Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Wagholi

A UPS is a device which converts DC current TO AC current. A UPS comes into use at home when there is a power cut. The inverter operates on  battery power, so when power is available, it stores current  in the battery but electricity goes off, it supplies current from the battery to all the required appliances. 

Ups the best power backup storage device.

Mostly used in Office because offices have mostly work on laptop or computers so offices need inverter/Home UPS.UPS battery is inbuilt in the device.

Main advantages of using uninterruptible power supply and inverter:

  • you can avoid uncertain data
  • Emergency power backup
  • Maintain battery life
  • Huge power backup in the industries.


Assume that your office inverter, that inverter does not work properly, your office computer does not work properly, that time you  need to purchase the Ups for your office and your laptop works properly on the inverter. 

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