Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Sutarwadi

An inverter is intended to provide uninterrupted power for the operation of home/office electronic devices. The home inverters are available in various voltages and load capacities.   

Best Advantages of UPS:

1)uncertain data can be prevented:
computer systems do not have batteries like laptops. So when there is a power outage, you may lose the data on your system since they are active equipment that only runs on electric power.

As such, ups can keep your system running and you get a good time to store and save your data and then shut down your system safely.

2)Emergency power supply:
whenever there is a power back up. UPS stands as a reliable alternative power source. You can continue your work using inverters or batteries in case of extended energy interruption

There are different inverter/ home ups brands 

  • Amaron
  • livefast
  • Luminous

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