Inverter Capacity (VA)

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Inverters are generally used as an emergency backup when the electricity is cut off. Home appliances AC current, They never operate on DC current. The function of the inverter is Converting DC to AC.

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1) Understanding of total power requirement 

It is nothing but the total need of the electricity to operate your home appliances In the power cut off.

The simple method is that 4 fans = 80 Watt, 3 tube light =45, 2 LED bulbs =20 total calculation is 80+45+20 =145.

2)Three types of batteries

  • Tubular battery
  • Lead-acid battery.
  • Maintenance-free battery.

3)Determination of the VA rating of the inverter.

Generally, Inverter capacity is measured in the volt-ampere, It is directly proportional to the total load that is looking for support.

4)Choose between sine and square wave 

In the market, there are two types of Inverters are available: square wave and sine wave. Most people choose a Sine Wave Inverter. It is a little bit costly, but it is safer.

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