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Inverter And Home UPS Pimpri

Batterymela supplies the inverter and Home UPS in Pimpri. 

Difference between Home UPS and Inverter?

In the city, electricity is the most important part, because in day-to-day life we need electricity to do the work fastly and easily. For emergencies, we store the current into an inverter battery and use it when the power is cut. There are some objects which are helping to store the electricity in the battery just like home UPS. Let’s see the difference between both of them.  

Home UPS: when we got a power cut during the work that time the object is not affected by that power cut. UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply, just like the name they work during the power cut and supply continuous power to the electrical device.  

Inverter: does the normal work, just like the inverter gets the power from the main supply then it stores into the battery and is used when the electricity is needed. 

This is the difference between the UPS and inverter. 

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