Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Pimple Gurav

Batterymela offers the top best inverter and home UPS in Pimple Gurav.

Inverter and Home UPS is a time-long-lasting Investment.

So, before investing in this resource, you should always be a good conscious product for you.

Before buying Home UPS for your home you always need to check the following points.


You should always notice the VA rating, That means the power provided by the Inverter to the different devices.

Regular efficiency of the Inverter Is In between 60% To 80%

The formula is given below.

Inverter VA rating (power supplied)=the power the electric items consume (power requirement)/efficiency of an inverter (power factor)

2)Power requirement.

When you have decided to purchase a new Inverter or Home UPS for your home and firstly you need to calculate the total no of home appliances and power is required for the same.

Example  Fan = 80, CFL= 20, light = 40, Television = 100

I.E 80+20+40+100=240

3)Output/Input Voltage

You should select the Inverter above given 240 voltage power, This is the count for both types of voltage.

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