Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Parvati

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Buying the right Inverter is a challenging task for you.UPS is also available In the market, there are some differences in ups and Inverter, UPS is generally used for the computer when the power gets turned off and Home Inverter is used when the electricity cut off at that time light, fans, Tv, fridge are the different home appliances are running on the Inverter.         

If you don’t know about how exactly purchase the right Inverter for your home here are the following tips.

Understanding your household power requirement

Understanding Inverter vs Battery capacity

You should Check or Determine the VA rating of the inverter.

Choosing between Sine wave inverter and Square wave inverter

Checking the wiring at home

Inverter Battery has three types

    • Lead-acid battery
    • Tubular plate battery
    • Maintenance-free battery.

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