Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Nigdi

Batterymela supplies the inverter and Home UPS in Nigdi.

The maintenance of the inverter and home UPS:

Maintenance is important in any machine for extending the life of that machine of you want that your machine does the fast and better performance for that you need to give the proper maintenance, let’s see which maintenance we can give to the Home UPS,

  • Check the ventilation system for the last two months.
  • Check the level of electrolytes(acids) of the battery.
  • Take a record of the voltage of each cell.
  • Test their electrolytes.
  • Check the terminal of the battery which has rust on it or an accumulation of dirt on it or not, if it is present on it then clean the terminals.

These are the maintenance tips.

Let’s say your home inverter is damaged and you don’t understand how to fix it then you can contact us on (7038854547) this number we give the instant solution on that.

Batterymela sends an expert team to your location to solve your problem of inverter and home UPS in Nigdi as fast as they can.

Batterymela provides the repairing service of the inverter and Home UPS in Nigdi and its sub areas just like Walheksrwadi, Scheme Number 11, Swapnanagari Housing Society, etc.