Inverter Capacity (VA)

Inverter And Home UPS Marunji

Inverters are electrical devices that are used to convert direct current (DC) to an alternating current (AC).It is a medium between the primary power supply and the battery. The home UPS provide the backup power supply to the electrical system. Inverter  are most used in home and office,shop,net cafe school and colleges.It is most useful for daily life

If you live in a small village area where there are regular power cuts,you need New inverter and home UPS for your home & office.

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Batterymela battery services 

  • Inverter replacement 
  • Battery checkup 
  • Battery installation
  • Jumpstart services for (car & bike) 
  • Battery recharge

Batterymela provides the professional Inverter/UPS services in manji pune city

Marunji is a village in Mulshi taluka of Pune It is mainly known for the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park . Marunji and its neighbourhood is a hotspot for upcoming and fully-developed projects.Talukas surrounding the village are Karjat taluka .Nearest railway stations around the village .Marunji is so beautiful area in pune city nearby areas of Marunji area Hinjewadi, Kate Wasti, Wakad, Shinde Nagar, and Vinode Nagara, We provide Inverter/UPS Installation In Marunji and all the above areas.We provide best quality Inverter/UPS In Marunji and above areas.